Beach Theme Wedding

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The Marriage Of A Lifetime: A Sumptuous Beach Theme Wedding

Your companion has proposed and the date is to be arranged, but as you look through the pages of a bridal magazine and look at the generous bridal gowns and majestic reception halls you feel overwhelmed and awkward. While you plan on creating an unforgettable day that will share your love and commitment with your closest acquaintances and relatives, the vision you have is not fitting the contributions you see in the magazines.

For those couples whose characteristic is an easy-going, carefree mind-set and a warm circle of friends and family, conceivably the habitual weddings you've been graced with your presence are now considered taboo. With the popularity of theme weddings you may find that a different approach will help you demonstrate your love of life and each other in a stunning, but absolutely exclusive wedding: A beach theme wedding.

A beach theme wedding is entirely about the honeymoon. While the majority of couples has a traditional service and reception and THEN goes to the beach on their own, a beach wedding welcomes friends and family into the matrimony on a more loving level.

A beach theme wedding is occasionally organized in the honeymoon destination and in most cases is a petite, intimate affair. If you get pleasure from a close knit family or social circle, you may find a beach wedding shares your profound friendliness for them and your new spouse better than a big formal service could. Whether you all take to the air to a tropical destination, or plainly have a small service on a local beach, you can produce a romantic and relaxed stylish wedding.

Writing on this beach theme wedding was not a tricky task but what was hard to do was to build up a composition which would be the only one of its kind. Now that you are reading this piece of writing, you should come to a decision for yourself whether this has been done or not.

For a small beach theme wedding you may pass out invitations rolled up in a tiny corked bottle which you can stumble on at a craft store. You and your spouse may think about wearing easy, all-white apparel while the wedding party (even just a party of two) chooses a theme color to compliment. A blustery summer dress, loose hair and an easy bouquet for the bride and a groom's outfit of a white cotton shirt and pants sets off the novelty of a beach theme wedding.

If the beach theme wedding or reception takes place near sunset, bring small glass tealight holders to put in the sand. Interspersing the table with seashells or beach rocks will add to the ambiance even if part of the reception takes place inside. White table cloths and white china with glass or crystal creates a stylish mood, while fiesta bright colors can set off a more lighthearted decor.

Flowers add to the finishing touch at a beach theme wedding. Think of tropical preparations or even all white lilies in shapeless bouquets. Adding tropical plants to an indoor reception along with bamboo or cane or wicker seating will carry the theme throughout.

If you think that a beach theme wedding will encapsulate your day in way that no traditional wedding will, you can be certain that your guests will also have an extraordinary memory of your wedding day that will last a lifetime.

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