Try some of these Cheap Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Are you looking for some Budget Wedding ideas that won't compromise the beauty and elegance of your ceremony and reception?  Are you afraid that an outdoor wedding means that everyone will be in blue jeans and sneakers and will be playing volleyball for fun?  Are you assuming that cheap outdoor wedding ideas will mean that your wedding will have all the grace, charm and elegance of a go-kart track?  While there's certainly nothing wrong with go-karts and if you and your groom are the fun and whimsical type who want that type of wedding, we say go for it, but for many brides they want an outdoor wedding that is still beautiful and romantic.

So what are some cheap Budget Wedding?  Of course if you live near an ocean you can plan a ceremony on the beach or your favorite cliff.  It's vitally important to be mindful of safety especially if children will be present, and remember that not everyone enjoys being in the sun so of course you should provide some tents or canopies for shade.Sometimes people end of looking at private boathouses or even a friends personal dock which makes a great place for an outdoor wedding.  But for those who aren't much for the beach or don't live near one, there are other cheap outdoor wedding ideas you can try.

Many historical homes allow for elegant but Economic Wedding ideas and many even have wedding packages available to you.  They may offer a ballroom or garden area for the ceremony and a large dining hall for the reception and include catering, the cake, decorations, and so on.  These places are typically very beautiful and offer a charm and elegance that you can't find anywhere else.  Other cheap outdoor wedding ideas might include renting a boat for the ceremony and having the reception either onboard if it's large enough or back at the dock where there is a restaurant.  Of course if you know someone with a home and yard that's large enough, then you may have your cheap outdoor wedding ideas in place already.A platform or even a gazebo down by the water make great places to have ceremony's.The reception chairs can be the same chairs you used for the ceremony and these can just be rented from your local rental house.

Of course sometimes cheap outdoor wedding ideas will mean sacrificing some things you expected at your wedding.  They can mean having to scale down the guest list to just close friends and family.Sometimes if you are outside for your wedding you may not have access to a full kitchen which may limit the food you can serve.Remember that outdoor weddings are not without their own problems as you can imagine you always have to be concerned about weather and heat or rain.  But with some extra work and planning you will find that your simple outdoor ceremony can actually be the most elegant as well.

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