3 Tips To Get Your Wedding Guests Dancing

Most wedding receptions include dancing. Often, the father of the bride will dance with her and then we have the couple’s first dance. Anyone at the wedding can enjoy themselves fully.

Chicken Dance
Would you like to add some excitement to the dance floor? Exciting activities are lined up and they will be well-received. If you like to have fun, why not try a game of the "chicken dance". If you love to have some fun and laughter at your party, and want the dance floor to be filled, you may want to try this.

Stick numbers beneath the chairs. When the number is announced, ask your guests to find out what number they have under their seats. Depending on your seating arrangement, you can choose to repeat the numbers at the same table, or at different tables. You can have ‘1’, ‘2’ or even up to ’10’.

Assuming the host announces the number ‘5’, all the guests would look under their chairs. Post-it notes and masking tape will be suitable. Everyone with the number called out would be invited to hit the dance floor and do the chicken dance. This is great if you wish to let your guests mingle with other guests, especially if you have many singles at your wedding. It is also good if you have a lot of guests who do not know each other.

A great way to start dancing is to get your wedding group to invite other guests onto the dance floor. After one round of dancing, each guest at the dance floor will invite another guest in to dance, untill everyone is dancing together.

Hire A Dance Teacher
Many brides and grooms learn how to dance so that they can show off their groovy moves. Why not invite the dance teacher to teach simple steps to the crowd? Or if you have a close friend who is great at dancing and willing to help you at your wedding, then ask him or her to do this.

Bringing a dance teacher for the wedding is one activity that has been increasingly popular over the years. As a kind of pre-dance activity, the teacher will teach the guests some basic steps on the dance floor, perhaps teaching a bit of the waltz or, for something completely different, a little bit of the tango, before the music officially begins and dancing commences.

Having a dance teacher do a bit of teaching not only livens up the reception right from the start, but it gets people out on the dance floor who might otherwise be too self-conscious normally to get out there and let it all hang out. Your guests get to practise first and make all the mistakes before the official dance begins.

These ideas are extremely affordable, so if you are on a tight wedding budget, then you can simply think of these ideas to get your guests onto the dance floor instead of hiring expensive bands or performers to liven up the mood.

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