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The vows that a couple exchanges with each other are what bring meaning, romance and individuality to the wedding day itself. The style and feel of the wedding you are planning can help determine the way you would like to exchange your vows to one another, but ultimately you want your words to each other to convey your love and uniqueness as a couple. This is your chance to declare your feelings in front of your friends and family, and so writing or choosing vows is one of the most important and meaningful elements of your wedding.

If you are planning a traditional religious ceremony, it may be preferable to you to go with the conventional vows that your religion outlines. Some religions will allow their couples to make changes to the vows while others do not. Because of this, there are couples who will seek out a religion or pastor whose vows emulate their identity as a couple. Whether or not you decide to use religious vows will depend on your beliefs and spirituality as a couple and as a new family.

Another popular option is to actually write or choose a poem, song lyric, or passage that allows you to describe your love and promise to your blushing bride or glowing groom. When you choose this option the most important thing is to make sure that your vows are absolutely genuine, no matter what you are saying. Ask yourself if what you have chosen to say is from the heart. Does it feel natural to say the words? Can you say the words in front of 150 friends and family members?

Another point of reference is to think about your life together as a couple and whether or not what you are planning to say fits your personalities. For instance, some couples are very romantic, in which case a love song or poem might be the perfect choice for vows. Others are more laid back and writing a few sentences about the first time they met or about their future life might be more appropriate choice.

If you are not sure where to start, do a search on the internet to find quotes, poems, and pre-written vows that you can use to work from. You can also try asking a friend or family member to help you, but remember you want your vows to be yours and to be from your loved-filled heart.

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